Theo Loevendie

Launch of two books and CD at Orgelpark, Amsterdam

Loevendie Triple Package will be launched during a concert at the Orgelpark. In the year that Theo turned ninety this triptych was produced: 
-The album ‘Grounds’ which, in addition to the 5 compositions in Passacaglia style, contains about six more of Theo’s compositions, all played by Theo Loevendie & The Wellingtonians
-A book about Loevendie’s compositional techniques, shaped by a Q&A with Loevendie by Gerard van Wolferen
-The Loeboek, the ‘Loevendie Real Book’, a book with the lead sheets (scores) of 40 of Theo’s jazz compositions.
The three items together will be available as a bundle after the concert; a must-have for the Loevendie fan. Please note: limited edition.
In the concert, compositions from the Loeboek and the album will be played. As well as a part arranged for the Dudok String Quartet and two parts of the string quartet for which Theo is still writing.
And of course Theo will also play one of the beautiful organs in the Orgelpark.